Two months on the road: What we’ve been up to

Hi all… we officially left our home in Austin Texas on May 28.. so we’ve been nomads now for around two months. I have to be honest and say that nomadic living was never something we were going for but it kind of landed in our lap. Once we accepted jobs in China we were left with a 3 month gap between finishing school and work in Austin and having to be in China… so in true Childress fashion we decided to fill the gap up with some good old fashioned travelling.

So far we have been to Japan, Singapore and Indonesia (Bali and Jakarta) in Asia, followed by another transpacific trip back to the States.  Here we stopped by Austin to see friends (who have been so important to us over these last 3 years), then hit up Houston, Garden City Kansas to hang with old friends and Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado ( where we are at right now living that cowboy life at Cheyenne Frontier Days and hiking it up in the Rockies) – all this with our 2 littles in tow ..we’ve learnt so much about travel and about ourselves and I just cannot wait to have some time to sit down and share with y’all all the different places we’ve been to and share tips on how to make travel with kids fun and rewarding for all.

The girls riding Cactus with their aunt Lexi at CFD

We were due to be in China by early August but visa complications have left us hanging and the timeline keeps being pushed further back. This has left us with a question mark hanging over our heads whether it will even happen or not and also with around 3 extra weeks of free time in the states… so… we decided that next week we should hit up the west coast. I have been dreaming of exploring the Pacific Northwest for years so the minute we realized we had some more free time it was a natural decision. We’re in the thick of planning and we leave in a week..nothing booked or set in stone (so friends hit us up with all your recommendations!!!!)

It is kinda crazy to be a mother of two and not quite sure where you’re going to be next week or even next month really but it’s also given me such a sense of freedom. Anyone who has known me for any significant amount of time has heard me say that ‘the world is my oyster’ – I have said this since my teen years –  and right now it really is .. we don’t have a fixed address or anywhere we have to be or have to be doing .. it is a sense of freedom I thought did not mix well with motherhood, but I’m learning everyday that it is actually a true blessing. I get to go through this short season of motherhood with my favorite person in the world daily and the girls get unlimited mum and daddy time. Now this isn’t something that we are going to do for the rest of our lives and it’s actually a small moment in life but we are cherishing it and making them best of it and encourage others dive right in if the opportunity ever presents itself 🙂

Exploring Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

What I’m loving :
Late mornings
Family cuddles
Bucket list adventures
Spontaneous travels
Being together all day every day
Spending quality time with old friends and family

What I’m hating :
Living out of a luggage (it just isn’t fun y’all)
Not knowing where most of my stuff is most of the time
Missing my sweet Austin, Maltese and Europe friends
Long transpacific flights and long car rides

Lessons learnt so far:
Experiences are more valuable than possessions
Kids are so flexible and adaptable (they leave me in awe)
Over packing is unnecessary

I think that’s enough for now, I did promise myself that I would update everyone on a weekly basis but we’ve been having too much fun and time at the computer has been pretty much null.  I’m going to try to write more about our adventures as well as give tips to other families on how we do it and how we manage to travel so much with little kids.

If there is anything you’d like us to share about – reach out here (or via Facebook or Instagram) and I’d be more than happy to tailor future posts according to what our friends and followers would like to know more of.

Love & Blessings


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