West Coast Tripping

The west coast was the second place I ever called home in the States. However, the west coast is also a very large and diverse area, and Southern California (Orange County specifically) is where home was and I had never even been north of LA. So.. the minute we found out that San Francisco was one of our options for our Chinese visa application it was kind of a no brainer for me .. we were totally gonna head to San Fran get our visas there and sneak in a little Bay Area trip. Then the visa delays started and as I said in a previous post, we were left with a 3 week gap that was a perfect amount of time for a quick west coast (+ Wyoming, Montana and Idaho) roadtrip. As I did some quick research about the area the diversity of it just blew me away and I was even more convinced that a road trip was the way to go, as opposed to just flying into SFO and flying out in time to make our trip to Beijing.

Today I sit writing at the back end of our trip.. our last days in the Bay Area are behind us and we’re on a 18 hour quick drive back through Salt Lake City and back to Cheyenne to finish packing up. We are a day behind our original plan, since our visa got delayed a day (which I just wanna do a happy dance about, cos for anyone who has dealt with stuff like this, a day delay is nothing and is actually cause for celebration). This beautiful coast, and the gems we came across as we made our way across Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, have been so family friendly and we’ve enjoyed so many cities, national parks and beaches.

We usually do long days of driving to get to a destination and then take it slower once we arrive, but this time we took it easy and just drove a few short hours a day. We didn’t have very solid plans, followed the girls’ moods and sleep patterns and just made up the trip as we went. I have to say, the best part about it all was being able to stop in random towns and being completely blown away by their beauty, like Coeur d’Alene in Idaho. Another favorite has been exploring many national parks and forests along our route. We were lucky to explore Mt Rainer NP, Olympic NP, Mt St Helens NP and the Redwoods NP but also some smaller lesser known ones along the way. The beauty of the national parks in this country is just breathtaking, especially when you realize how diverse they are. In Olympic NP alone you find coast line with the best tide pools, rainforests and mountains, it is just amazing!!

I can keep going and going about everything we did and what we loved but I’ll leave that for another post.

Where do we go now?

Well…we now have a couple days of driving ahead of us and then a couple more to finish up packing. We decided on 7 luggages and 4 backpacks, so we probably have to downsize a little more and get everything situated. We’ve already done a ton of downsizing when we emptied our house and sold and donated the majority of our possessions, but now comes the hardest part. Deciding on the stuff we’ve kicked the can on and left to the last minute. But hey, we’ve done it before, and we know for sure we’ll do it many times again. We will then head to Beijing… and a new chapter commences!

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