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Why One Family Whole World?

So I wanted to start off our introductions by giving you a little glimpse into why we chose our name.  Firstly the obvious – we are one family – mum, dad and two littles – and we are set of exploring this whole beautiful world.  Our goal is to hit up all the continents (Antartica included) and experience all the diverse cultures, landscapes, cities, ecologies out there.  This leads me to the other meaning of ‘One Family’ for us – we truly believe that we are all one family, the world over. Regardless of language, nationality, race, ethnicity or religion we are all human beings and we want to experience this beautiful human race in its entirety. Finally we want our daughters to grow up feeling like global citizens which we hope would lead to them feeling responsible for this earth, the environment and social justice for all. These are our hopes and living around the globe, meeting different people groups, getting outdoors and traveling is our means of trying to achieve them.  Along the way we hope to inspire YOU, our friends, family and community of travelers to live in the same way.

Our motto is :  TRAVEL *  EXPLORE * TEACH * SERVE

And INSPIRE others along the way 🙂 We are so glad you found us and hope you stick around!!

Who are we?

Meet Kelvin (Kel)

Hi! I’m better known as daddy these days.  I’m originally from a small town in Nebraska, on the Western side of the state called Kimball.. born and raised there I left Kimball to go to college in Lincoln at Nebraska Wesleyan which was short lived and after one semester I joined the Marine Corps – this is when I started to travel and see the world past the US. In 2011 I married the love of my life and thats when the real travel started to happen.  I was stateside and she was in Europe so that led to quite a few transatlantic adventures.  Fast forward a couple years, lots of travels within Europe and the States and we are embarking on a two year Asian adventure.  I am a pretty chill and laid back person (usually too chill for En), I love all things sports, a big fan of Husker Football (GO BIG RED), a basketball coach, personal trainer and a Physical Education & Science teacher, and a family man.

Meet Enrique (En)

Merhba! Mama bear here –  I am originally from the beautiful island nation of Malta (google it), My parents started me young with traveling back in the late 80s (before traveling was instacool – thanks mama & papa) – and I’ve had a case of the travel bug since.  At 19 (which I cannot believe has already been a decade ago) I took my first big solo trip to the US as an exchange student in Nebraska (which I loved), that led to a year in Australia, another year getting my Masters in Psychology in the UK (with a lot of European travel entwined), followed by a whirlwind romance and subsequent move to the States, starting in California, then moving to Wyoming and finally Austin Texas.  In Austin I spend my time with my girls and also teaching ESL to migrants from all over the world.  And now that we are setting on our Asian adventure I am both ecstatic and mortified! I love all things performing arts, theatre, music, ballet, flamenco, literature is my jam, I’m am the biggest social butterfly you’ll meet, I can speak 3 languages fluently & a couple more (a lot less fluently) and am a lover of the outdoors and the ocean 🙂

Meet Andie

First kiddo member of the family!! The most inquisitive, talkative, social butterfly you’ll ever meet (yeah she may be a more of a social butterfly than her mama even) This girls favorite words are ‘Mama can we go there some day?’  She is a lover of maps, planes, the outdoors, dance, gymnastics, school, church and her friends.  Her biggest concern for long term travel that we are embarking on is if her friends are going to remember her (prepare for Skype calls friends). This girl is kind and considerate and adores her sister like no other.  She also has very strong opinions and is a natural born leader which leads to some interesting times 🙂

Meet Noa

Newest member of the crew here!! This is our cuddle bug, our kissy one, and our rambunctious naughty one.  Traveling with princess 2 has been a treat 😉 … she has tested our boundaries and made us rethink this whole traveling gig multiple times.  BUT her love of being outdoors, her sweet nature, her laugh and her sense of wanderment also makes us love traveling with littles even more.  She is a true lover all dance and music – she will sway and dance to any music or semblance to music 🙂 She also loves ‘apple’ which is code word for ALL FOOD and ‘melk’ code word for ALL DRINK.


Thank you for getting to know us we cannot wait to share more of our adventures with you and PLEASE say hello – we’d LOVE to get to know you and hear from you – if you have any tips or suggestions for our travels don’t be shy – reach out 🙂


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