It’s OK to be Scared

"It's ok to be scared ... if you are scared you have the opportunity to be brave" I have repeated this mantra to my daughters so many times.. at the playground, at the dentist, before their shots... the list goes on. They probably think I just say it to them, they must believe that I... Continue Reading →

West Coast Tripping

The west coast was the second place I ever called home in the States. However, the west coast is also a very large and diverse area, and Southern California (Orange County specifically) is where home was and I had never even been north of LA. So.. the minute we found out that San Francisco was... Continue Reading →

Free Fun in Vegas with Kids

A Guide to some of the Free Fun Activities in Vegas Vegas holds a special place in our hearts, we got married there, so it will always be somewhere we’ll visit and go back to - plus it is a lot of fun in small doses! In March 2017 was actually the first time we... Continue Reading →

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